Wednesday, November 22, 2017

History's Mysteries SOLVED #

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a new segment where Lynn and Da-da investigate and solve various historical mysteries. As usual, Lynn's words are "in quotes,” and Da-da’s follow-up questions are [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image 1. The Great London Fire of 1666
Ok, who set the Great London Fire and why? I’m guessing it was a cabal thing. It’s always a cabal thing.

What Lynn Saw

"I get that you’re right: it was a cabal thing. But which branch did it? Hm. I see it had to do with the English Royalty. But… why hurt a country you were ruling? Ah. It was their way of 'cleansing,' trying to eliminate the poor people and their neighborhoods. The Royals of that time (and today) thought the lower classes were a drain on society, and were keeping their betters from making as much money as they could. There was also some illness that was starting at nearby docks that they wanted to kill with fire, rather than just spend the time and money to cure. And then on top of all that, the fire was set to open up valuable real estate so they could build newer, nicer neighborhoods." 

[Just like Nero and the burning of Rome, so Nero could build a bigger Imperial palace. Btw… speaking of fires, was the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 started for similar reasons?]

“Yes, the Chicago Fire was also intentional, and started for nearly the exact same reasons." 

Image 2. The Burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria
Who set the Ancient Library of Alexandria on fire in 48 BC and why? 

What Lynn Saw
"I see a small mercenary group swoop in and steal some books and maps, then burn this place to the ground. The action was actually kinda evil; the group who did this were sociopaths, they just went in and started killing unarmed people. The library itself was like a church, very quiet and unprotected. Then these guys came in and started killing everyone. Mostly maps were taken. They wanted to create a distraction so the city could be taken over. Also, when you eliminate ancient knowledge, you get to build your own history, so it was a preemptive attack."

[Was the mercenary group directed by Julius Caesar? ]

"Ah. It get it was. I didn't see that they first time around, but when I put the question out there I get a ‘YES’."

[False flags: a time-worn institution.]

Image 3. The Valley Of Headless Men
Here’s a macabre one. This from Listverse:

"Nahanni National Park, part of the Mackenzie Mountains region in Canada, has become known as the Valley of Headless Men and with good reason. For thousands of years, the region was said to be evil, with many tribes refusing to settle there. The ones who did told of mysterious creatures inhabiting the vast forests and restless spirits stalking the area. However, the greatest danger is said to be the violent Naha tribe of the mountains. The tribe allegedly consists of deadly warriors who wear masks and armor. Larger than normal men, these fighters wield strange and unidentifiable weapons. They are notorious for decapitating their victims."
What Lynn Saw
"First thing I get is: they’re going to want to blame this on bigfoot. But that’s not true. The bigfoot are peaceful. They’re also vegetarians. As for those actually responsible… they're an ancient native tribe that lives in those woods. They’ve totally secluded themselves; been isolated for many many years. You will not find them. You wouldn’t want to! They’re terribly ruthless and protective of their land. They don’t want anyone disturbing their habitat. They see how irresponsible most humans are, so they decided to keep the modern world out. Because of this self-isolation, they’re also highly inbred. I dont see them hairy or overly large, as the reports have it. Seems like this is a bit of fear and imagination. I do see a lot of lower IQ and deformity, though. They behave more like a human animals: cunning, but primitive. They decapitate as a clear warning. You won’t see them coming, They’re that stealthy. They’re kinda like bears. If you get too close to their stuff, they’ll take you out no matter what. You need to take extreme caution if you’re going up there. If you SEE them, it’s too late. I’d totally avoid that area, because you will not see them coming. They have no concept of mercy." 

[Does this group have a specific language?]

"I don't get a name. Feels more like a weird grunting sound when they refer to themselves. They are so far removed from any kind of society that they haven't socially advanced. They live in perpetual survival mode."

Image 4. The Man in the Iron Mask
So, who was the man in the iron mask? Here’s what we know from Wikipedia: 

"A French political prisoner imprisoned at Pignerol in northwestern Italy in about 1681, he died at the age of forty-five in the Bastille in Paris in 1698 and was buried in the cemetery of Saint Paul under the name of Marchioly. His real identity was kept secret, causing many to speculate about who he really was. The controversial French Enlightenment author Voltaire, who himself was imprisoned for his writings, wrote that the prisoner was the brother of King Louis XIV."

What Lynn Saw
"I get that he was a famous person. They didn’t allow him to be seen or speak. Even the guards had no idea who it was. It was a brother who had a right to the throne. He was very outspoken and didn’t like how the current king was operating, and called him out, threatening to expose the king’s dirty dealing with another country, some deal that wasn't in the greater good of the French people, but was good for the king. So anyway, the king wanted his little brother to be quiet about it, so he had him arrested him and placed in the iron mask as he was so easily recognizable." 

[Was it Philippe d'Orleans, The Duke d’Anjou, Louis XIV's younger brother? If he was imprisoned, why wasn’t he missed? Did they use a double?]

"I do feel it was Philippe... I get he was said to be "travelling" a lot. And yes, there was a double, and they pulled it off quite well because he rarely made an appearance."

Image 5. The Hornsey Coal Poltergeist
Here’s the story from Everyday Strange:

"Ivan Frost of No. 8 Ferrestone Road in Hornsey, London, bought [about a ton] of coal on New Year's Day in 1921. When he took it home, the coal exploded when burned, with one piece smashing through a window. The coal was also seen to jump from the grate, dance on the floor and disappear through walls without leaving a mark, only to reappear in a shower of sparks in another room. "Other lumps smashed pictures and damaged the furniture in the dining-room," Mr. Frost told the Daily Mail in a story published January 31, 1921, "we cleared all the coal out into the garden. Last night some of it reappeared in the house, and we heard it dropping at the top of the stairs. It seemed to be moving up from below …"

A reporter for the Aberdeen Journal noted that… "As anyone who visits the house can see, the manifestations, whether spiritualistic or not, have done material damage. Windows and pictures and crockery are broken, and the walls are scarred where pieces of coal have struck the wall paper. A woman neighbour who called to express sympathy states that a piece of coal, thrown from apparently nowhere, struck her on the leg.” A police inspector came by the house and picked up a piece of the rogue coal. It broke into three parts, then disappeared from his hand. Before long, the activity spread to other objects. Unexplained rappings could be heard in the walls of the house.  A flat iron flew through the air, before landing unscathed, other objects would go missing and turn up in odd places. Ornaments would crash violently to the ground but land unbroken. Later, a knife and loaf of bread flew across the kitchen and a clock disappeared from the wall in the presence of Rev. A.L. Gardiner, Vicar of St. Gabriel's, Wood Green.

The story only gets more bizarre. Heavy furniture was thrown at the children by unseen hands, beds levitated, plants danced in their clay pots. At this point, the phenomena may be a little too far out to be believed. If nothing else, mundane explanation begin to break down so that what remains is the suspicion that one or all members of the family was lying about all or most of it. If the family was simply having a laugh with the newspapers by staging a spooky hoax, then the joke was in extremely poor taste, because the story doesn't end there. In late March, Mr. Frost's five year old niece, Muriel Parker, died following a brief illness, which may or may not have been meningitis. Mr. Frost spoke with newspaper following the girl's death, declaring "Muriel took all the phenomena with calmness until a week or so ago. But since a bedstead rose, knocking over a chair and causing her to fall and bite her tongue, she has been much scared. Just before her death the house became a mass of rappings. Early this week she was taken suddenly ill, and died on Thursday morning. We are all convinced that she has been worried into this illness."

What Lynn Saw
“I get that they def did have a poltergeist, but it had nothing to do with the coal. I keep seeing images of a Ouija board. Looks like someone was playing with some dark stuff and tapped into some darker being and they inadvertently welcomed it into their home. They basically gave it permission to do whatever it wanted. That’s bad news. DO NOT USE OUIJA BOARDS. They are not toys. Looks like it was innocent naive kids who opened a gateway for this thing. It was evil, harmful, malicious. The kids didn’t know what to do as they’d already welcomed this thing into their house."

[Is the thing still in that house?]

"First, please…. everyone... put the warning out there about Ouija boards since Xmas is coming up. These are not toys and the PTW want kids playing with them (you usually see them in the board game isle!!). Before I woke up to all this I had one when I was a kid, and my experience still haunts me. Luckily, my brother and I only played with it in the driveway and not in the house, but there was something dark that came through. We got scared and couldn't seem to get rid of it. We threw the Ouija board in the trash, bent it up, all kinds of stuff... and it would reappear like new in our garage on the shelf every time. [Yikes!] I had to watch it burn in a field with my brother to get rid of it. Don't have one in your house. I do think that spirit is still in the house (does anyone still live there??). It feels very creepy and dark. This one feels very difficult to move on because it tried to get here for a very long time before it succeeded.”

Monday, November 20, 2017


Q1.  Hi Lynn,  I have been waiting and hoping to see a blog about the 4chan forum discussions posted by someone called Q-Anon. The discussions have so many interesting cryptic breadcrumbs about what’s really going on and how everything ties together with corruption and pedophilia within our government. There’s rumored to be over 1800 sealed indictments now. What’s going on and when will the storm hit?

Q2. Hi Lynn! Between Oct 31 and Nov 15 there were some interesting questions / comments posed on 4chan by an alleged insider with top clearance in the Department of Energy by the handle Q-Anon  S/he posed very legitimate questions that led readers down a very specific path to many things we already know to be true. It feels legitimate to me, especially since the poster has not kept up the game (I feel like if s/he we’re out for attention they would have kept going). 

YouTube discussing 4chan recent discussions:

4Chan message board:

What’s going on and when will the storm hit?
A.  I see a man, ex-military that was able to get a government job as a "militant consultant" after he served his military terms (I get he served twice).  He looks like a decorated hero, and has a respect for justice and doing the right thing.  I then get someone came to him, as a consultant with a lot of hands on experience, and wanted him to help select a patsy for an upcoming false flag (supporting future agendas and positioning).  When this man reviewed the potential candidates, he realized that he knew a few in the "pool."  Not only was he against the lies, in fact he couldn't believe what he was seeing and being brought into.  The snapping point was seeing a plan for someone's life be manipulated for the worse.  This knowledge haunted him, and he didn't know what to do as rebelling would be certain death to him and his family.  He resorted to posting on the message board anonymously in hopes that the truth would slowly get out and expose these situations for what they are 

It looks like this is going to build and build.  People are going to slowly disappear (arrests, fleeing and "accidental deaths").  This doesn't look to stop, and will just get worse and worse as this cleaning of these PTW (Powers That Were) thin out.

When you tune into this do you feel like it is legitimate? 
A. Yes, this does feel legitimate.  This man is trying to clear his conscious and help other people realize what is going on in our world.  It isn't to evoke fear, but rather to spread truth and confirm suspicions. 

Are people right to be hopeful that we are truly cleaning house of the parasitic entities in our midst? 
A. Yes, this does look to be happening.  Send lots of positive energy this way to aid in the cleaning and prevent the ones that remain from regrouping...

Thank you in advance for any insight you are able to provide.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, November 17, 2017

ET Dolls

Q. Hello Lynn,
Thanks for the positive vibes you radiate.  Question: A lady in The Netherlands makes dolls depicting all the extraterrestrials she sees and talks with. There are about 60 of them on her website:

I am wondering:
1. Are these representations of real extraterrestrials?
2. Are these beings as positive as she claims them to be?
3. Or are these actually negative entities, demons even?

She also received several glyphs that she says are symbols for star systems that are the origins of all the different kinds of creatures she communicates with...
4. Are these glyphs what she says them to be, or do they have possibly a more sinister energy attached to them

Thanks. May the Force be with you.

A.  Aside from the reading, as I look at these they feel very artistic and well done.  I do have to commend her on her artistic ability...

As I tune into the website, and try to connect these dolls to ET's near and far, I could not seem to make the connection.  It appears that many of these are spiritual beings that she has communicated with.  There only looks to be a handful, and those "handful" have the ability to manifest in various ways.  Her inspiration looks to come from a supernatural place, and these various manifestations.  

These beings  used as her inspiration feel to be a hybrid of positive, neutral and "prankster" type vibes.  (I would have to break down each one individually to advise who is who..)  I cannot see a connection to any negative beings though..

Again, I don't see any negative ties to any of the dolls, but most definitely listen to your gut if you do chose to get one.  A "prankster" one can actually feel quite harassing even though it isn't negative or harmful.  I would also suggest you sage your doll to move the energies attached.  

Regarding the glyphs...  I feel apprehensive when I focus on those.  I hear the phrase "No one knows what they mean.." like it is a secret.  I then hear the most peculiar laugh.  They don't look like star systems, but rather words (but words we don't have here).  I don't feel the artists intent is ill willed in creating any of her work, but the intent of the ETs behind it feel disingenuous (not bad or evil, just dishonest).  

As a side note it wouldn't be fair for me to say whether to buy or not to buy her artwork, but just use your instincts and take a few moments tuning into the doll before you bring it into your home.  Clear the doll, and if you do chose to bring it into you home and things feel off, you may consider getting rid of it.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Untersberg Hill

Q. Untersberg Hill, close to the German border of Austria, is located in the Northern Limestone Alps and is a REAL mystery area: 

"On a 1992 visit to Austria, the Dalai Lama specifically asked to see the Mountain, calling it “a sleeping Dragon” and “The Heart chakra of the World” (chakra refers to an energy center in eastern terminology). 

But this was not the first world-famous person to know of the mountain. Hitler was obsessed with it, hoping to gain access to supernatural beings and power to turn a war that he was loosing. 

King (later crowned Emperor) Charlemagne (768-814 AD) is sleeping there according to legends.

Most common phenomena: people disappear for a "short" time (according to their watches) but to their families it appears that they stayed away for a long time!

It's name "Untersberg" means Under-Mountain which by itself gives it a mystic dimension (there's also a huge cave system below it which might also explain the name)!

What is going on there and how can it be distinguished from the Alaskan Triangle?

Thank You!
A. I get this is a mystical place.  It see that it's physical properties (composition, shape, size, location??) create an energetic vortex, and the energy looks to spin upward like a tornado (except for a few times a year, the summer and winter solstice??, the energy reverses to feed Mother Gaia).  

The mountain does feel to be alive because it's vibration is unique to it's surroundings.  I get the vibration is slightly faster than the Schumann Resonances, and in many ways I can see why this is the heart chakra of Mother Gaia.  

I see King Charlemagne is buried there, or had an emotional connection to the Hill when he passed.  I feel like other people did too, and their spirits roam the Hill.  This isn't in a "lost, menacing, need to move on way" but rather an "at peace, feels feels like home way."

Due to the intense energy and altered vibration, people that are sensitive to it react by physically syncing up to the different vibration.  When that happens, the person's linear timeline can speed up or even slow down.  Time feels unaltered to the person experiencing the new frequencies, but to those NOT synced with the "Hill Vibration", time goes the pace it always did.  It is like two different time lines emerge, one on "Hill time" and one on "Gaia time."

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-