Friday, May 25, 2018

Life Detective: NEXT #5

by Lynn and Dada

Welcome to Life Detective NEXT #5, where Lynn looks primarily at the dominant *future* life (or existing life if they’re alive now) of various people. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

1. The Dalai Lama: “It came to me that he will lead some kind of peace/green-energy community. Specifically, I see him in Arizona (Grand Canyon area…?), and he forms this community where the streets and buildings are based around a sacred geometry shape (imagine an intricate crop circle, but instead of crops it is roads, homes and a wind turbine in the middle). The aerial view is very intricate and beautiful.”

[Is this 3d (3rd density) or 4d earth? And does he have any repercussions for pretending to be the Dalai Lama this lifetime? (Psst, he’s not really the DL. Lynn and I discovered this some time ago.)]

"Great question and I guess I didn't consider that I need to focus on what density these people will be in. I want to say he will be 4D and I don't see any repercussions in that life. He feels pretty genuine and does look to work in the greater good (maybe that in itself is the lesson). He has a really humble vibe to him."

2. Edison: "This is kinda cool. In Edison’s last life, there was a rivalry with Nikola Tesla, but Edison was still ahead of his time [Tesla was a scientist and inventor, Edison was an inventor]. When he comes back, he’s still going to be an inventor. I get he’s going to be an instrumental part in a perpetual motion machine that will really work, and be completely void of friction. He won’t be back till around 2100.”

[3d or 4d?]


3 & 4. Czar Nicholas (left) and his cousin, George V (King of Britain during WWI): “I see them both in the Saudi Arabia/Iraq region… but they aren’t back, yet. Probably the next century. It looks as though there’s even more of a natural resources scuffle over the next 50 years in the Middle East [I didn’t think that possible]. Lots of countries will jockey for position there. All the countries there are trying to keep all these outside countries from stealing everything. Things start to fall apart, politically and economically, lots of turmoil. Then Nick and George come back around 2100, and the cousins look to try for some kind of border harmony, to try and reclaim some resources and control that’s being lost. They’re really good at building and rebuilding countries, so that’s what they do."

[is this a 3d scuffle?]

"This is definitely a 3D thing."

5. Leonardo da Vinci: “When he comes back, he’ll be leading some kind of spiritual movement. He’s a very powerful and charismatic spiritual leader. He will help propel people toward enlightenment. He feels very SOURCE-driven, using the power of intent and unity, almost like Buddha. This will start in Africa, and it spreads out from there. I see it happening in the next 20 years. When it comes about, I see media and people who oppose it trying to portray it as a cult, but it’s this powerful, beautiful thing. He’s going to do great things."

[3d or 4d?]

"He feels 4D as well. A lot of people feel to transition upward with this shift. If you think 3D feels heavy now, just wait... It will feel like you are walking around with lead shoes when this all starts to happen!"

And that’s it. Join us next time… to wear the lead shoes!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Longyou Caves, Ergaki Nature Reserve, Erdstall Tunnels, Jonathan Adampants and Project Horizon

Q. Longyou Caves, China
One of the most mysterious cave systems ever found in recent times (1992) whose origin and construction is a complete and utter mystery.
Who built them, when, how and for what purpose?
A.  I get this cave system was built by an ancient Chinese civilization a few thousand years ago.  It looks as though there were leaders fighting and battling over land and power.  The Dynasty (Haun/Han/Hand??) had dominant control, but many underdogs were emerging planning a takeover.  

The threats were real, and many people would set their sights on China, so maintaining control was just as difficult as taking control.  As tensions would rise, and smaller battles occurred on the outlying edges, the current leader decided he needed to have a place for him, other Dynasty leaders and some key military members to retreat.  He wanted a place to ensure his legacy would be passed on, and his lineage would survive.  

He laid out a plan, and began to work on this day and night.  It was very important to him, and this was built to honor the Dynasty he created.  I see earth being carried out by the bucket fulls (feels like there are mounds or an embankment nearby??) and dumped.  I see some people did live there, and it became a fully functioning location.  People lived there for decades until it flooded, at which time people fled the area.

[Additional Questions:  
How come that no scriptures or texts were found in the caves then?
A.  I get there are some kind of symbols or codes (maybe a picture).  Looks like it is on some kind of stone or marker.  I get something was put on the entrances / exits and it has to do with setting intent for protection.  

What technology or tools did they use that created the scratch pattern along the walls?
A. There was a tool that used friction and heat to create this pattern. It looks metallic (copper?) and has a handle.  I get everything about this was intentional, and it was done to create some kind of positive feng shui.]

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Age Spirituality and Paul Simon / John of God

Q. Hi Lynn,

There are so many testimonial videos on YouTube (in the link above) of people "converting" from New Age Spirituality to Christianity, and many of those people claim things such as Yoga is demonic, Spirit Guides are demons, and New Age movement in general is demonic. Also, some people claim that the New Age movement is a NWO / Illuminati deception. What do you see is going on with the New Age movement and is there is any deception involved in it? 

Thank you. I will really appreciate it. Seeing a bunch of those videos got me kind of confused about the New Age movement now.
A.  When I tune into this, the first thing I hear (really clear and loud) is that this is complete propaganda because spirituality threatens some forms of religion, specifically the church.  It is possible to have a beautiful balance and harmony between religion and spirituality, but a religion or church that wants to have complete control doesn't want to compete.  

Some religions use fear as a way to control.  There are people that are scared of the after life, and one of the best ways the get control is to evoke fear, especially fear of the unknown.  We are to have an all forgiving God (or Source, Universe, Consciousness, etc) which is true, but some churches make you fear Him if you do something he doesn't approve of.  They want you to think all you need is faith, and you are helpless to the results.  

Spirituality puts the control and empowerment back onto you.  You have the power to create and manifest your destiny.  Not all things will make sense, but the Universe knows what needs to happen for you to learn, grow and expand.  

Yoga is NOT demonic.  It is relaxing, balancing and helps you to connect to your higher self.  Your Guides are beautiful spiritual beings sent here to help you on your path, and have nothing but love for you..  

Friday, May 18, 2018

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Curious Questions about Atlantis

Q. I thought we could try and do a nice post about Atlantis. Many people know the basic story, especially the end part where the island goes bye bye, but the origins of its civilization remains a mystery. There’s still so much we don’t know about that place and it's people. Maybe the other readers would like to learn more about it. 

According to Plato, Atlantis had been a powerful empire located to the west of the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ (what we now call the Straight of Gibraltar) on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The nation there had been established by Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Poseidon fathered five sets of twins on the island. The firstborn, Atlas, had the continent and the surrounding ocean named for him. Poseidon divided the land into ten sections, each to be ruled by a son, or his heirs. 

The capital city of Atlantis was a marvel of architecture and engineering. The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and canals. At the very center was a hill, and on top of the hill a temple to Poseidon. Inside was a gold statue of the god of the Sea showing him driving six winged horses. 

About 9000 years before the time of Plato, after the people of Atlantis became corrupt and greedy, the gods decided to destroy them. As we all know, the Greek gods were probably ETs. So, where did the Atlanteans originally come from? 

For example, what race were they? Nordic, Pleiades? Or better yet—are they connected to the ancient builder race? (I don’t know the proper name for that one- Elohim?) 

When the flood happened did they go underground and become what we know as Agartheans / Terra Nordic’s (or did they go somewhere else?)

Some theories say they are us from the future.. like a time loop. What a trip! 
A. When I tune into Atlantis, the people, and the place,  I am shown that these people were a hybrid form of Pleiadian and human.  I see that this island was first inhabited by humans, and when the Pleiadians came to earth, the humans welcomed, honored and worshiped the "Gods from the Heavens."  As time went on, some Pleiadians stayed (because they loved the oasis and opportunity that earth provided), and others left.  The ETs that stayed started to breed with the humans, and there were emotions of genuine love forming.