Monday, April 23, 2018

Is Chivalry Dead

Q.  is Chivalry really dead?  Hi Lynn, is there something going on particularly in the United States with men changing drastically as a group? 

For the past couple years many of my girlfriends who live in different cities throughout the United States (New York City, Phoenix & others) have had such trouble in their dating lives and especially unsuccessful in finding “the one”. These are smart successful women in their mid 20s, fit/beautiful, and kind hearted. It seems single men as a group are acting different from what we remember, as in they are pursuing a woman but then won’t pay for her meal on a date, or won’t even go on dates just invite her over all the time. Everything right away is being split down the middle, money seems to be on their mind a lot and brought up often.  It’s like you want to scream where have all the romantics gone?

They don’t try hard at all to impress the woman so why are they even on a dating website or telling women they’re open to anything and would love a family one day soon? Where are our ROMEOS?

A.  There are very sincere, nice guys out there, but as a group they are fighting against a growing agenda to emasculate men.  Weakening a society starts with weakening the men and creating unclear, undefined roles.  Men are being attacked on many different angles, much of which looks to be coming from the feminist movement.  I'm not referring to the people fighting for equality between the sexes (that is positive for society), I am referring to the hateful groups that use men to blame for the things they do not like in their life rather than being accountable (I've also seen them referred to as social justice warriors).  They feel oppressed and offended at the hands of men.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Five for Friday #49

By Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a slightly disturbing and giant-wormy edition of Five for Friday. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes” and Da-da’s questionable questions [are in brackets]. Let's get started before someone gets sick.

Image #1: Space Interruptus
Speaking of sick, this image (via UFO Sightings) is some kind of energy, recorded by the Int’l Space Station (ISS) camera, energy that came and went like a squall. So, what’s going on here? (I’m guessing Wave X.)

What Lynn Saw
"I do get it was Wave X, but since it’s not filtered through the atmosphere it’s taking on that “red mist” quality; red is on the low low vibe spectrum, and this energy is red due to some intent to do with this station, like there’s something wrong here. Yes, there’s something not right here... this isn’t a space station at all. What you’re seeing is indeed legitimate Wave X energy, but I question the validity of what’s actually taking the pictures. The energy is actually saying, 'You don’t belong here and you need to be purged.” Ah, this isn’t a station: it’s just space junk."

[Yeah, I sensed that the “Int'l Space Station” is just a bunch of expensive junk, a moolah boondoggle for the PTW. But… why do they perpetrate this lie? What’s in it for them? Just the money spent? Also, does ths mean that the astronauts they show on the ISS are in a studio somewhere? How do they simulate weightlessness? As for the energy, if that was red energy, will the next blasts be orange, yellow, blue, indigo, violet? up the spectrum?]

"Yes, they shoot the live video in a studio [upside down], as well as underwater, in Nevada. Like the faked moon landings, they can't reveal the lie because then people will wonder what else is a lie, and it also makes the PTW look weak. It's about control and the illusion of power. As for the energy colors, I can't say that each future hit will be a different color. This felt intentional to blast this space junk... and that it needed to be red.”

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Continuation of Remote Viewing Post

(The following is a question that was asked in the comments.  I thought it deserved it's own post, so.....)

Q. This remote viewer guy also did a few other views.  One of them is about reincarnation ( and it was shocking. According to what he and his team had viewed, there was a battle in the far past between aliens.  The winners have some kind of domain over this solar system, and use it as a resource where we, human souls, are trapped here on earth due to an "artificial mechanism" whose sole purpose is to prevent the souls from leaving.  Therefore, we are forced into reincarnation ever since into a new body here while our memory is wiped out along this process. 

Lynn, could you do a read on this? It sounds a bit weird, I know, but there are many more details and some resemble your past readings that are available on your blog.

A.  I have seen similar things regarding a battle on and around earth.  Earth used to be an oasis and full of resources.  There are several portals near, to and from earth which made earth even more desirable.  It is fairly easy for ETs to get here, and once here it made for a good stopping point and a location for bases.  

Thousands and thousands of years ago some ETs started to get greedy, and rather than share earth the way it was currently done, they decided they wanted to take ownership.  There were cat ETs, dog ETs, bird ETs and reptilian ETs.  A battle over earth started to ensue, and it was a huge battle.  I cannot see it on earth (they didn't want to destroy the very thing they wanted to acquire), but mostly occurred in the air.  

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Michael Cohen Raid

Q. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading concerning the FBI raid on President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen? Were the FBI justified in doing so, or was this move motivated by the PTW (Power That Were)? Also, what ramifications do you see this having. Thank you Lynn

(I know political posts often trigger emotions, so I will do my best to keep this to the point.  I've received many emails and have seen some requests come through the blog. )
A.  When I tune into this, I do get the PTW (Powers That Were) are the main driving force behind this.  They are so desperate to take down Trump, I hear "if we can't take down the man, we'll take down everyone around him."  They also want to take down someone important to Trump as retribution for Trump's attack on the deep state.  Cohen was one of Trump's most trusted advisers, and it will really hurt Trump to have Cohen put in a position where he can't come to his aid and provide legal counsel.  

As I look at Cohen, it looks like a variety of items will come under question.  It looks like a few legitimate things were found (not enough for a criminal charge, but rather some kind of questioning, statement or leave???).  There feels like a frustration in the lack of what was found, so the FBI with the help of the media, spun the evidence into something much more than it was.